Ballet Class

ballet class

Ballet class is a very structured form of dance.  Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace and precision.  It employs formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns.  All to create expression through movement.

Ballet class

Children should start early with our combination classes for 2-5 year olds:  Ballet-Tap-Tumble classes


Ballet II, III and IV:
are the next steps toward gaining a full understanding of Ballet.  Once the student progresses they will begin to learn the terminology and structure of classical ballet. This is an entire hour (one hour and a half for the more advanced classes) dedicated to the highly structured ballet class.  It will range from the basic exercises starting at the barre with plies.  About half way through the class they will move away from the barre and begin with simple exercises in the center.  Starting with tendues and adding a turn combination.  Then advancing to adagio which is a combination of steps in the center done to adagio (slow moving) music.  They will then progress to jumps.  Beginning with petite allegro (small jumps) and moving toward grande allegro (bigger jumps which eventually will be executed across the floor) combinations.
It is so very important for every dancer to know the ballet terminology.  Knowing the names of each ballet movement, position and step begins in Ballet I and continues throughout all of the levels.
It is imperative to have a proficient understanding and execution of ballet no matter what form of dance or art you pursue. If Broadway is your goal it is a must.


Ballet class

 ballet class

Ballet class

Ballet class

Ballet class






ballet class ballet class ballet class

We also offer adult beginning, Intermediate/Advanced ballet classes.  

See bpa’s Saturday ballet class!

When the students are ready for point work we will schedule it accordingly.

The advanced class will incorporate various styles of music and rhythms to expand their repertoire and further their ability to learn various choreography.

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