Dedicated To The Bostonians

Dedicated to the Bostonians

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston!  Before I woke my son up this morning I wondered if I should talk to him about the tragedy that occurred yesterday at the Marathon.   I didn’t want to scare him, but I also thought the very least we can do for all of those people who lost so much is to send our good thoughts and wishes.

I walked into his room with a renewed appreciation for this beautiful nine year old boy.  I sat down next to him in bed and touched his hair which is about all of the affection I am allowed to show at this stage of the game and I very delicately explained what happened.  He was quiet.  Then he took my hand to stop it from brushing his hair and put his head on my lap.  He might not have been able to verbalize what he was feeling, but it spoke volumes to me.

He started rehearsing his presentation for his “Go Green” school project and I asked him if he wanted to dedicate it to all the Bostonians.  That meant he had to make his memorized speech that much longer, but I believe he was willing to make the effort.

As he put his coat on we talked briefly about trying to enjoy every second of the day and appreciate everything that we have.  He agreed and then he got distracted which was my cue to change the subject.  As he left for school I watched him just a little bit longer than I normally do.

I have gone through my day with the events of yesterday in my thoughts and the people who were affected in my heart.

All we know is that we have this moment so love deep and live fully!  Words I had read after 911 and unfortunately I’ve been reminded of way too often lately.

Dedicated to the Bostonians!

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