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Jazz class is a stylized form of dance with contemporary movement. Popular and classic stylized music is used. The style of the music inspires the movement.

Jazz dance includes a wide range of dance styles. It originated in Africa. And when it got to America one of the first dances was called the Lindy Hop. It was considered a popular social form of dance.

From the 1930’s to the 1960’s Jazz dance was transformed into a theatre based style. Many choreographers used this style of dance. Jack Cole, Agnes de Mille and Bob Fosse were one of the first. They each added their own unique style. This is when those choreographers started using professionally trained dancers.

In the 1950s Jazz was heavily influence by the Carribean. And the latin american dance styles as well. All these styles had one thing in common. They were motivated by a variety of rhythmic contemporary music.

The class will also include a Lyrical style of  jazz as well.  Lyrical is a stylized rhythmic movement with a balletic more fluid feel than Jazz.   It has been around for over two decades. The movement is motivated by the choice of music.  It typically expresses the story through the movements.  

The warm up will include isolations of the body.  Along with various stretches to include the whole body and strengthening exercises.  Then the class will evolve into exercises across the floor progressing to big jumps. We will hone the technique of picking up steps by ending the class teaching a full length combination. This simulates what you will experience in any Broadway or dance company audition. The combination will develop and grow over a few weeks so as to perfect that particular dance number.

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