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This class involves stylized Jazz and Contemporary movement.  Popular and classic stylized music is used. The style of the music inspires the movement.

Jazz dance includes a wide range of dance styles.  It originated in Africa.  And when it got to America one of the first dances was called the Lindy Hop.  It was considered a popular social form of dance.  

From the 1930’s to the 1960’s Jazz dance was transformed into a theatre based style.  Many choreographers used this style of dance.   Jack Cole, Agnes de Mille and Bob Fosse were one of the first.  They each added their own unique style.  This is when those choreographers started using professionally trained dancers.  

In the 1950s Jazz was heavily influence by the Carribean.  And the latin american dance styles as well.  All these styles had one thing in common.  They were motivated by a variety of rhythmic contemporary music.

Contemporary dance explores the basic principles and physicality of Contemporary Modern dance techniques.  These techniques include Limón, Horton, and Graham in addition to many others.

Classes start with a basic Jazz warm up.  Starting with head rolls to warm up the neck.  The warm ups progress all the way down the body to the legs and feet.  These warm ups all start with very basic isolations.  They will be learning basic stretches as well. Then the class naturally progresses into exercises across the floor.  These exercises will progress to traveling steps.  They are also performed across the floor.  Then move on to basic simple jumps.  The more advanced the class the more complicated the jumps become.  

Each class will work toward performance techniques.  At the end of each class they will work on a number.  These combinations are similar to what you will encounter in a Broadway dance audition.


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