bpa’s Jazz – Tap class for 6-8 year olds is where all great dancers get their start.  Where the will find their passion for dance.  And their love for the arts!  This class combines the two forms of dance; Jazz and Tap.  It’s the best class in the business for children just starting to dance.  It’s a fun and exciting way to give your child an appreciation of music, dance and the arts.  They will enjoy about 20 minutes of each form of dance, tap and Jazz.  They will be doing some contemporary movement in the Jazz portion of the class.  Jazz allows them to move in a less restricted way.  Incorporating some improvisational dance as well.  Then they will put their tap shoes on.  This is where they will enjoy the art of making sound with their feet.  They will learn rhythms and beats through basic tap steps.  They will love making all that noise with just their feet.

Throughout the season in this Jazz – Tap class the students will develop into talented, creative dancers.  This class will guide them in the direction of their choice.  All through the movement, music!  They will gain an overall awareness of their own body. It will enhance their coordination and flexibility.  The students will also have learned to work and move together as a group.  All while having a great time!


jazz - tap
Jazz - TapJazz - Tap

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