Pointe is only suggested for those students who have had at least three years of structured classical ballet.  They should have the proper foot and ankle strength.  And also have been recommended by their ballet teacher.   This class requires a specific shoe called a pointe shoe.  It is extremely important the shoe be fitted properly.  The pointe shoe, just as an athlete’s cleats, are crucial to the health and longevity of your feet!

Your teacher or a knowledgeable sales person should do the fitting.  There are many types of pointe shoes from Capezio, Sansha, Bloch, Freeds and many more.  Your teacher (or knowledgeable sales person) should be able to help you find the right shoe that is appropriate for your foot.  Everyone’s foot is unique.   A shoe that is good for someone who has narrow feet may not be good for someone who has a wider foot. The shoes are made slightly differently depending on your skill level as well.

At BPA Pointe work will start with a few minutes at the end of those classes labeled Ballet/Pointe.  The students will learn how to sew their ribbons and elastic.  They will learn how to prepare their toes by taping them.  If needed, where to place the protective pads or lambs wool.  Either is acceptable although the lambs wool takes up less room in the box of the shoe.  There is a very specific way to wrap the ribbons. They should be worn low around the ankle, tied in a knot on the inside of the ankle with the ends tucked in.

Then we put them on their feet.  The beginning exercises will be very basic.  Working through the shoe just in a standing first position before we ever get on pointe.  Then easily graduating to finding the correct placement on pointe is so very important.  Being strong enough not to wobble once up there is key.  When that is achieved then begin the endless releves.  Nothing will strengthen your feet and ankles better than releves over and over again in each position.

Once the strength is built up they will graduate to an entire class dedicated completely to working on pointe.

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