This style of dance is among the most popular in the contemporary dance world.  It is the style of dance seen in all the popular dance clubs and competitions.  The use of the term for this very popular dance style started in New York in the mid 1970s. It evolved from earlier Cuban dance forms such as Son, Son Montuno, Cha cha cha and Mambo.  Those styles of dance were popular in the Caribbean, Latin America and the Latino communities in New York since the 1940s. Salsa, like most music genres has gone through a lot of variation through the years.  It  incorporates elements of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean dances such as Guaguanco and Pachanga. Different countries of the Caribbean and Latin America have distinct styles of their own.  This is what makes this style of contemporary dance so interesting and attractive.     

There is some controversy surrounding the origins of the word salsa. Some claim that it was based on a cry shouted by musicians while they were playing their music. Others believe that the term was created by record labels to better market their music, who chose the word because of its spicy and hot connotations. Still others believe the term came about because  , just like salsa or “sauce” in Latin American countries is a mixture of different ingredients.

The movement is also very much inspired by the music. This dance is usually done as a couple but has also evolved into group dancing as well as solo dancing.  The class will not only educate you on the unique latin style and movement but it will also keep you moving for an hour straight!  It’s quite a workout without you even realizing it!  Come join us for our own unique mixture of Salsa taught by our very own Galo!



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