Ukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Learn how to play the Ukulele

Did you ever want to learn how to play the Ukulele?  It’s the hottest new phase in musical instruments!  It’s not just for Tiny Tim anymore!

There are many benefits Ukulele lessons can offer children.  Including the ability to learn and develop fundamental musical skills.  They will also learn music theory.

Ukulele lessons will lay the foundation of basic musical skills and theory.  Laying this foundation not only for the Ukulele, but for many other instruments. Your child will master the fundamentals of sheet music.  Once they do that, he or she will be able to read and write music on their own. These lessons will also ensure that your child knows the correct way to hold and strum a Ukulele.  As well as how to transition between chords. As the classes progress to higher levels, your child will be able to build on these skills and play full songs.

Ukulele lessons promote and improve creativity.  The lessons will build self confidence!  They will most definitely increase your child’s learning capabilities both creatively and academically.  

Ukuleles are one of the most popular instruments today.  BPA can help you start making your dream of Ukulele come true!

Beginning to advanced students can book private Ukulele lessons with Vincent Villanueva in the fun learning environment at Broadway Performing Arts.  Call or email to schedule you lessons.
(973)748-2787 or

Private lessons will be billed on a weekly or monthly basis. If you miss a lesson you have the rest of the season to make up that lesson. No tuitions will be pro-rated due to missed lessons. That is 9 monthly payments of $176 (1/2 hour lessons) and $288 (1 hour lessons) due on the 15th of each month.  Or weekly  $44 (1/2 hour lessons) and $72 (1 hour lessons).

If you are not be able to make your scheduled private lesson you must call 24 hours ahead or a $25 cancelation fee will apply.

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